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Dear Daughter

There's a common curse that many of us our passing to our daughters without being aware. We don't even realize that we are spreading this infestation onto the next generation. It is like a roach, it hides under the cover of darkness, and when brought to the light the disgustingness of the infestation takes diligent work and effort to get rid of.

The problem at hand is lack of body confidence.

We have grown up dieting, and have shamed our bodies, expressed what we would rather look like, and in a silent way told our daughters that they too are inadequate in their appearance.

While I am sure that many of us have never had this intent, we have quietly stood by, not dealing with our own insecurities and allowed the enemy to speak into our daughters. Whether you have beautiful princesses in your home or not, Titus 2 makes us all women who are older in some form or fashion. So what have we created? What have we done? I want to share my heart with you this morning.

From one Mama to many others. A Mama who has spent years overcoming body issues, struggled with and survived anorexia and bulimia, and has a deep driving passion for my daughters as well as all the young women growing up in our culture, where it seems we as women "will never be good enough." I fight against this lie...

Because we are enough, fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ likeness. So as a woman I say enough is enough. Stop talking about dieting in front of young women and little girls, stop talking about weight loss, stop shaming yourself, stop comparing yourself and be free. Turn to health and what that looks like, educate yourself and the girls in your life about proper nutrition, not the number on the scale or the size jeans they wear. Educate them on how wonderful it feels to move their body because God the Father created us a moving beings.

Read. Listen. Soak it in. My short simple message to my beautiful daughters.

Dear Daughter,

I know I have not been the best example over the years. You have watched me endlessly strive for perfection in my body, my appearance, our home and who I am as a woman. You have heard me speak of weight, calories and fitness in false light. I am sorry. I want you to walk in the truth that I now live in. I want you to see that you are beautiful. You are Fearfully and Wonderfully made. Your body is not the same as your sisters, it's not the same as mine, it's not the same as your best friends, BUT IT IS THE WAY GOD INTENDED IT TO BE!

The world will sell you images of airbrushed beauties. It will tell you that no matter what you are never enough. You will never be thin enough, firm enough, or beautiful enough. The world wants you to spend more, and more and more in efforts to achieve someone that you were never meant to be.

You are enough just as you are. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are creative. You are fun. You are caring. You are giving. You are inspiring. You are fearless. You are indwelled by the Holy Spirit. You are created in the image of GOD. YOU ARE SPECIAL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

Please hear me sweet daughter. God loves you so much. He does not desire to leave you where you are. He loves you so much and has great plans for your life, He wants to continue to grow you. But please know that He is perfect, you are not. Rest in the fact that His desire is not for you to obsess over your body image. He wants you mirror Him, REFLECT HIM, and grow to be more like HIM. Watch out for the enemies traps. They are subtle and often times disguised. Be-careful for nothing. Guard your heart with TRUTH. Fall in love with Jesus and nourish your spirit and mind with the Word.

Learn how to love your body well. Nourish it with foods that God has created. Move your beautiful feminine body the way He intended. Learn to rest, how to say NO and not be a people pleaser but be a God pleaser instead. It's always better to please God rather than man!

Be the woman who is different. Be the woman who is confident. Not arrogant, but confident. Inspire other women and young girls to seek after God not perfection in their bodies, homes, or any other area of their lives. Fight for JOY daily. Learn to steward your time well. Treat every other girl/woman in your life as you want to be treated. Encourage others to follow hard after God and to get their eyes off of self. Be diligent to seek balance. The balance between all areas of your life. Balance is unnatural, sweet girl. It truly does not exist apart from our Savior. Balance is like riding a unicycle, if you stop peddling you will fall off. Understand that you can not separate the physical from the spiritual. When you overwhelm your physical self you underwhelm your spiritual self.

Don't let others define who you are! You are defined only by God. Let this radically change you sweet daughter. You don't have to audition, you are already accepted. Now, all you need to do... is rehearse your lines through this precious journey we call life.

Learn to be gracious to yourself just as you would with others. Slow down, dance in the rain and live loud. Speak the same truth to yourself that you would speak to others. Be you. Be transparent. Be honest and open with others, so that they are encouraged to do the same.

LOVE unconditionally. Rehearse 1 Corinthians 13:4-13 just as I have taught you. Know what true love is and walk in it toward all girls/women and YOURSELF.

Listen to me, don't walk the same path that I have. It is a dead end, full of heart ache and pain, both physically and spiritually. It leaves scars that are reflected the rest of your life. I know my battle is not over. I will continue to recover the rest of my days on this earth. But understand this. I am a changed woman. I have been redeemed and set free. I will choose to walk before you in grace not perfection.. I will choose to educate you about food and fitness in a different light. I will share with you how these things make life more abundant. Not how to use them in a form of punishment toward yourself. I will help you navigate through the tough times, as they will come. I will speak only TRUTH from here on out in front of you. I will no longer tear myself down or compare myself to others. I will try my hardest to lead you by example, to protect you from the lies and build you up in the truth and admonishment of the LORD.

I love you sweet girl! You are highly favored. You are chosen. You are perfectly imperfect, a masterpiece of art, molded in the Potters hands. And this lovely daughter is where I DESIRE you to dwell in your mind and your body.

With all my love,


Galatians 2:20

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Hannah Blake Johnson
Hannah Blake Johnson
Jan 20, 2018

My heart!!!!!!! <3

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