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FREE the Carbs

Carbs are Enslaved... Set Them FREE!

Years ago- FATS were held in bondage. In the 80's low fat diets became the craze and LOW calorie diets came on the seen with a vengeance. Really- you can trace the roots back to the 70's- never the less, the skinny is sexy can be seen in the 80's and 90's for SURE!

One thing stands true of ALL diets. One Macro-nutrient is ALWAYS demonized. In our home we tell our kids not to use the words "Never" or "Always" when speaking about happenings. You know- especially sibling arguments. Because I mean- seriously is it "Never" or "Always?"

I digress... In the case of macros it is- ALWAYS! Just peak with me for a hot minute at 3 trendy fad diets.

Keto- Carbs are the enemy

Atkins- (Old Version of Keto) Carbs again are the enemy

Low Fat- Of course, the Fat is not your friend

I don't need to list anymore for you to get my gist. You are NOT failing at dieting. More than likely the are failing YOU.

WHY are Diets Failing YOU

Because your body needs a full spectrum of nutrients.

I mean- God knew what He was doing when He made food for our bodies. Yes- I said He made food. Many things in the modern American diet we call "food" is not food. Now- that's another topic for another post and we aren't stopping there today (wink, wink).

When you start up a NEW diet for the sake of weight loss, I promise you will end up finding your weight again. Hints- why I like to teach a weight shedding approach. Shedding weight requires you to learn how your body works. Living a lifestyle of health and wellness requires the same. This approach is takes a little more effort than learning a food list of do's and don'ts. But- trust me, it's the best and most beneficial way.

Back to the CARBS

Right now you are more than likely afraid of CARBS. The mere thought of setting them FREE and adding them to your plate, may create anxiety, fear, worry and who knows- maybe even a few tears.

Why? Because we have seen a trend over the past five-ish years. We have heard that we need to train our bodies to burn a different fuel source. Did you catch that? BURN A DIFFERENT FUEL SOURCE. Sorry for the yelling! But if we are teaching our body to do something that it was not created to do- there might be a problem with the method.

Hold up- moment of truth from "Your's truly."

I coached my clients through a high fat diet for years. I even ate this way. Again- another story for another day. I just want you to hear what I am saying in light of the fact that I have been there, done that, and my body paid for it!

When you re-train your body to burn something other than what it was created to, you are kind of- asking for issues. LISTEN to me though- Fat is not bad. That's not what I am saying. When we trade loads of fiber for high amounts of fats... Now that friend, that's the problem.

What Do I Mean by Different Fuel Source

Your body absolutely NEEDS carbohydrates. Trying to teach it to burn fat, is trying to shift your bodies natural fuel system. It is forcing it to take in high amounts of an unnatural main fuel.

Here comes my geeky side. Just a little warning to prepare you.

In my Functional Nutrition Training one of my favorite teachers breaks down carbs into TWO categories. I must say... I agree and LOVE this way, so I have adopted it and use it with my Gal's. I think this is necessary for proper understanding, because Carbs come from a variety of sources and our bodies THRIVE when we consume them from these categories.

For NOW- remember this... EVERY single CELL in your body functions and uses glucose obtained from carbohydrates. Yes- the good and the bad cells. And know this, all carbs ARE NOT created equally. WOWZERS! We are getting there.

The TWO Carbohydrate Macro Categories

Fiber and Greens.

The First of the Two- FIBER

Our gut must have FIBER. Fiber is like your bestie. She is always there for you, encouraging you in every adventure and will be the first to go with you. When she moves away or goes on vaca you miss her and totally feel her absence.

Fiber feeds good gut bacteria in your gut lining. Begin to eliminate loads of fiber and trust me you will notice the absence. You will probably struggle with constipation and lack of nutrient absorption. EEEKKK!

Fiber moves through your digestive system. When I talk about fiber I am speaking of NON-starchy carbs, like... Vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and fruits. Remember ALL carbs are not created equally!

Good fiber, nutrient-rich fiber helps keep you regular. I know- your don't want to chat about your bathroom habits, but we must. Regular elimination is crucial to your wellness. Your body has the most amazing, natural, detoxification system. It does however- need to be operated properly.

Fiber also SLOWS the absorption of glucose. WOOT-WOOT. Nutrient dense fiber aids in slowing the absorption of radical glucose.

The Second of the TWO- Greens

The Standard American diet is pretty much starving of GREENS. I mean ask the average American family how many greens they eat and they will probably ask you to define your terms. Why? Because as a whole we are NOT eating enough GREENS and if we are it is like microscopic amounts.

Greens are the POWER HOUSE Macro-nutrient. Not eating them would be like serving a huge platter of Kryptonite to Superman.

Greens aka Vegetables that are rich and deep in color. Greens are also a FIBER source. Don't miss this. However GREENS function significantly different from other forms of FIBER in the body.

Greens are God's way, through the EARTH to provide us with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This is the natural way of preventing premature aging, and strengthening our immune system. Because of the high amount of antioxidants found in greens they help the body resist disease and illness and protect our health and overall well-being, NOT just physically, but mentally as well!

Are you beginning to see why you should be consuming tons and tons of GREENS?

Let me give you a few more reasons.

Like I mentioned before, they are super high in antioxidants. Antioxidants repair cell damage, specifically- cells that have been damaged by their environment.

Greens also serve as anti-inflammatory, anticancer and detoxification super heroes. They also feed your gut macrobiota- you know, the GOOD bacteria I mentioned. It feeds these little power houses by providing them with a specific sugar called sulfoquinovose. Fancy, right?

Guess what? Greens also replace vitamins and minerals. You will often here me say to women;

"If you are not going to consume nutrient rich foods, you should not spend your money on supplements, because supplements are just that. They are meant to supplement your nutrient dense eating rhythm."

Supplement: something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

See what I mean? The very definition is to enhance something that is already in place.

Greens also offer your body some amazing properties to aid in medicinal healing. In (Ezekiel 47:12) Scripture mentions the healing properties within plants. I love it when I see the Word and science line up (wink, wink).

And now... Greens contain Phytonutrients and Phytochemicals. Let's chat about what these are for a second.

Phytonutrients are a substance found in certain plants which is believed to be beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases. Your body needs these gems- because they are natural health boosters. Plants produce phytonutrients to protect themselves against bacteria and viruses, hints when you consume them they aid your body in doing the same, protecting itself from outside invaders.

Phytochemicals are any of various biologically active compounds found in plants. They are chemicals produced by plants through primary or secondary metabolisms. They generally have biological activity in the plant host and play a role in plant growth or defense against competitors, pathogens, or predators. When consumed they provide a natural defense within the body against pathogens as well.

FREE the Carbs

A lifestyle filled with fabulously nutrient rich carbohydrates is a lifestyle that promotes overall wellness. The problem is not carbohydrates- friends. The problem is the types we are consuming. We have lumped white breads and pastas with it's super cool girl-friend: refined sugar and said that all carbs are equal, therefore they are all bad. We have called the authorities and reported carbs, thrown them into jail and lost the key.

Of course in this blog- we are just chatting it up about carbs. Don't let me miss saying that Fats and Proteins are just as vital to a well balance eating rhythm.

In our culture we have fallen into the same trap as our sisters from the 80's and 90's this time we have picked carbs to attack instead of fats. We have traded the super skinny for the super athletic. I say- we should trade it ALL for the super healthy. Healthy looks different on every woman and it looks good on every woman. Let's start seeking to live healthy and well.

This is THRIVING. Let's SET the CARBS FREE. Let's nourish our bodies the way GOD created them to be.

Say it with me;

"SET THE CARBS FREE. Set them FREE. Set them FREE."

Breathe in Healthy- Exhale fad diets

Breathe in FREEDOM- Exhale Carb bondage

Breathe in Wellness- Exhale fear

Carbs are your friends. Consume them well. You know what I mean. Make wise choices to eat and nourish your body and your mind with nutrient-rich carbohydrates. It's going to be okay. You can eat them and shed weight, live vibrantly and feel good.

Grace + Peace,


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